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So, If You Think Blockchain Is...

So, If You Think Blockchain Is...

...what you use to pull the engine from your rig?...Think again.

New technologies are being integrated into the jobs we do that impact the world we work in. Blockchain; artificial intelligence and machine learning; augmented reality; and 5G, are disrupting human trends in the workplace now and in the future. This disruption might lead us to apprehension and skepticism. We found education and a little sense of humor are the best antidotes to overcome fears of these tech trend take-overs. This first article in a four-part blog series titled: "So, If You Think..." focuses on blockchain technology. 

First, let’s explain what blockchain is. [hint: there is no engine grease involved]. Blockchain is basically a complex digital ledger system with built-in authentication. This video tells the story of blockchain and its origin.

Second, where is blockchain being used in the world of work? This recent Forbes article explains how blockchain is used to transform three key industries: healthcare, banking and insurance. As the author describes, key benefits of blockchain include increased transparency, decreased infrastructure costs, increased efficiency and increased customer engagement.

We hope you enjoyed learning about blockchain. Visit us soon for the second part of this series: "So, If You Think Augmented Reality is..."