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Redmond offers a thriving, dynamic business environment for diverse industries and companies of all sizes with affordable utilities, low development fees, and strong support from local government and the community.

From industrial businesses relocating here for our competitive land/lease rates and property tax incentives, to innovative small companies expanding their products and services into national markets – Redmond provides a solid foundation from which to build and grow.

In addition, our location at the geographic center of the region means local companies can draw talent from the entire tri-county area. And with a constant in-migration from metro areas across the West and expanding technical and higher education opportunities, that talent pool continues to broaden and deepen.

Regardless of what your business goals are, REDI is your advocate and guide. Contact REDI directly with any questions and let us know how we can assist you.

Business Costs in Redmond



Industrial Land

$9.50 - $12.50/SF

City Land

$3.50 - $4.50/SF

Construction- Industrial

$100 - $225/SF





$1.09 - $1.35/SF      NNN

$0.75 - 1.75/SF      NNN

$1.00 - $2.75/SF      NNN

Business License  

Standard fee


plus $1.50/employee per year

Source: REDI Business Research, January 2022