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Industry Mix

The current economic expansion is helping to diversify the local economy. Today’s industry composition is much more representative of a major metro area than a rural community. Although construction and leisure and hospitality (tourism) remain important industries in Deschutes County, we are seeing professional and businesses services and health care take up a larger share of the region’s employment. 


Manufacturing Employment

Statistical Area

% Growth (2010-2019)


88.4 %

Bend-Redmond MSA






Deschutes County and Redmond's manufacturing sectors are adding jobs at a significantly faster pace than the rest of the state or nation. Source: Oregon Employment Department


Selected Central Oregon Traded Sector Industries

Industry Cluster

Employment/Avg. Annual Wage


499 jobs/ $52,240


916 jobs/ $69,324

Brewing & Distilling

1,031 jobs/ $45,376

Building Products

2,420 jobs/ $43,941

Food Manufacturing

530 jobs/ $29,946

High Technology

3,173 jobs/ $79,535

Outdoor Gear & Apparel

666 jobs/ **

Source: Oregon Employment Dept. Payroll Records, EDCO research CRM Executive Pulse. **not able to report.