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By Rob Ramaker | Express Employment Pros | Apr 17, 2020

 When you hear the term company culture what does it mean to you? Google defines company culture as a shared set of values, goals, attitudes and practices which characterize an organization.

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By REDI Staff | Apr 17, 2020

Information gathered from the Governor’s office tells us that as a percentage of Oregon’s total employment numbers, Deschutes County ranks third in the state impacted by the COVID-19 virus with eight percent of the labor force filing for Unemployment Insurance during the first three weeks after the “Stay at Home, Save Lives” Executive Order. Regional Economist, Damon Runberg, provides insights into the big picture of characteristics of the newly unemployed across the state.

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By REDI Staff | Apr 9, 2020

News surrounding the Coronavirus COVID-19 is happening at warp speed these days. In keeping up with the pace, REDI has an update to share.

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By REDI Staff | Apr 2, 2020

Admidst the COVID-19 crisis, the resolve and steadfastness of the Redmond community in a crisis is shown by companies like Medline ReNewal.

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