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REDI Celebrates 2023 Thrive Award Nominees

REDI Celebrates 2023 Thrive Award Nominees

Redmond Economic Development, Inc. is excited to celebrate the four nominees for the 2023 Thrive Award. The Redmond community continues to grow and thrive thanks to a variety of events, organizations, and initiatives put forth by residents.

This year’s nominees embody the spirit of the community and help the local area continue to flourish economically. The nominated projects include the Bethlehem Inn Redmond, Jaqua Field, NeighborImpact Child Care Resources and the Redmond Executive Association Crab Crack. 

The REDI Thrive Award, sponsored by Mid-Oregon Credit Union, recognizes significant initiatives, programs, projects, or partnerships when successfully implemented that noticeably change the landscape which further supports economic development in the Redmond community.  The award explores six different criteria including economic benefits, ripple effects in the community, innovation and creativity, achievement and more.

Bethlehem Inn Redmond

Converting from a run-down hotel near downtown, Bethlehem Inn opened its second high barrier shelter in Redmond in 2022. This organization has the capacity to serve up to 88 adults each night, three nutritious meals per day and case management services, to help individuals navigate the issues surrounding homelessness and work towards stability in their lives.

In addition to providing essential services to residents, the Inn also employs Central Oregon community members. There are 42 shifts available per week at Bethlehem Inn Redmond including program, kitchen, and facility staff members. The shelter is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year providing a stable community presence.

Bethlehem Inn's mission is to transform lives together through shelter, help and hope for adults and children in Central Oregon struggling with homelessness and poverty. The shelter plans to play an integral role in serving community members experiencing homelessness for many years to come. The services provided by the organization will not only help to benefit the area’s vulnerable population, but it will also benefit the entire region. Learn more about Bethlehem Inn.


Jaqua Field

Jaqua Field (pronounced: JAKE’-wah) was a project which started in 1995 by a group of citizens who wanted to see three soccer fields, one baseball field, and one softball field on the property located between Hugh Hartman Middle School and Redmond High School. After years of dedication, new visions, and evolving technology, the grand opening for Jaqua Field project was held on October 15th, 2022, celebrating the collaboration of many businesses to create a year-round accessible turf field complex with new Dark Sky qualifying LED lights.

Attracting statewide events, Jaqua Field functions as both a baseball field and a full-size soccer field, which can be used for a variety of sports, including football, lacrosse, and softball. The fields were also designed in such a way to be accessible for any age group. This includes moveable fencing and mounds for different regulation field sizes. The turf field also offers a reliable playing field regardless of weather conditions including drought.

The community fields help to bolster and support economic development and growth in Redmond by attracting visitors from all over the state who stay in the local community hotels, shop at businesses, and dine at restaurants. The vision for this project will continue. In the future, Jaqua Field plans to include a concession stand, public restrooms, and a press box. Visit the Jaqua Field page on the Redmond School District site to learn more.


NeighborImpact Child Care Resources

Featured on Good Morning America, Karen Prow, NeightborImpact Director of Child Care Resources, leads NeighborImpact Child Care Resources transforming public perception of child-care as a financial burden into a major contributor for economic development. This program has gained notoriety across the nation as a successful model to follow.

The program has had an immediate impact on Redmond’s economy and will continue to have a long-term impact due to workforce development for those entering the childcare industry as providers, helping to increase child-care capacity within the community, and the investment in early childhood education for the development of children.

Working at the local, state, and federal levels, the Child Care Resources program continues its integral work through partnerships, services, and contributions. The organization plans to continue supporting the community by ensuring that all child-care providers and the families they care for feel seen, supported, and heard. Click to learn more about NeighborImpact Child Care Resources.


Redmond Executive Association Crab Crack

For seven years, Redmond Executive Association (REA) has hosted its annual all-you-can-eat Dungeness crab feast known as the Crab Crack. This signature fundraising event brings the community together to enjoy 3,200 pounds of fresh crab, live music, and visit with friends, clients, and neighbors.

All proceeds from this annual event are earmarked to support local high school and college youth internship programs. Building a home-grown workforce by pairing students with local businesses gives them the hands-on, real-life experience they need to succeed. The internship program has engaged 535 students which resulted in 187 placements, by 94 businesses who have created 205 different internship opportunities.

The Crab Crack has a strong future in the community. Just this past year, the event had 650 tickets sell out within 45 minutes and a wait list was created. The REA looks forward to supporting the internship program for many years to come as well as other worthwhile community and/or business programs.


While REDI sees all the nominees as winners in helping the Redmond community to continue to grow, the 2023 winner is the Redmond Executive Association Crab Crack. The award was presented at the recent 10th Annual Made In Redmond Tour in June. Connect with the REA Crab Crack on their Facebook page for future announcements and events.