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The Importance of Manufacturing in Redmond

The Importance of Manufacturing in Redmond

Recently, Mayor Fitch proclaimed June 9, 2023, as this year’s “City of Redmond Manufacturing Day”. Redmond Economic Development Inc celebrated the event by hosting its 10th Annual Made In Redmond Tour. This event aims to further expose the industrial and manufacturing sectors to the community and to educate the community on the importance of building wealth through procuring business expansion and recruitment to Redmond. REDI visited four companies: Bridge Masters, Inc. I3D manufacturing, Medline ReNewal, and Central Oregon Truck Company. While each business is unique, they had a lot to share about the inner workings of manufacturing in Redmond.

What is a traded sector company?

Traded sector businesses are those that sell their goods and services in competition with businesses outside of the region to bring new money into the local economy. Examples of these industries include: manufacturing, assembly, distribution, software development, energy, agriculture and food production, and life sciences.

Why are businesses that operate in trade so important?

When new money is generated by traded sector companies, it can create a ripple effect to create three to five new local serving industries like commercial and retail jobs. The annual Made In Redmond Tour showcases why these are important for Redmond as a city to thrive and so its citizens can stay prosperous.

  • Return on investment.

When a company comes to Redmond to operate, the initial investment doesn’t come cheap. Bridge Masters, Inc, one of Redmond’s newest companies invested in Redmond by improving infrastructure like putting in sidewalks, water lines, building a new building, The process can take years to come to fruition. REDI visited Bridge Masters, Inc. and during a pandemic, they built a new building, constructed a mock bridge onsite where they can practice with their machines, and they are creating middle income jobs.

  • Positive shift in Perception.

Times have changed for long haul transport and logistics is key to delivering goods outside of the region. Luke Williams, President of Central Oregon Truck company gave the tour of his facility. The company takes great pride in training its drivers to haul items safely across the country. Technology has advanced the company’s control center with giant monitors showing dots where its fleet of trucks are across the nation in real time. Drivers use iPads in the truck for a variety of reporting standards and training. For longer transportation destinations, the inside of truck cabins are worthy of “glamping”.

  • Middle income wages: Workforce, Education and Training

According to the Manufacturing Institute, there is an estimated 4 million manufacturing jobs to fill between now and 2030. Earn while you learn is the theme in many trades industries. Many manufacturing careers don’t require a four-year college degree. They lean more on specialized certifications that a local training center or community college can offer. Amid record job openings in manufacturing, many companies will train as you go.

Medline Renewal is a local manufacturing company that helps extend the life of single-use medical devices without compromising clinical quality or patient safety. The company offers a variety of positions for the local workforce, believes in continued training, and listens to employees’ opinions to help improve processes.  

Did you know more and more women are entering the manufacturing and trades industries. Ask Erin Stone of I3D manufacturing. A woman-owned 3D printing company, Among the many things they produce are parts for rocket engines used in outer space.

Today’s manufacturing companies are not the gritty assembly lines in times past. One may find the areas lighter, brighter, and organized. If you have a little technical background and are meticulous with details, consider a career in manufacturing. Wages are better than you think. The average annual salary in Deschutes County is $58,3801

  • Empowering manufacturers to come together to address their collective challenges so they can help their communities and future generations thrive.

At the end of the tour, the audience had the chance for open dialogue with the four company leaders. Many challenges and opportunities to overcome included bringing affordable housing to the community so their employees can enjoy a quality living space, finding skilled workers, and retaining them. Whether it is housing, childcare, workforce, permitting, or expansion needs, and navigating through policy changes that could affect operations, REDI is here to help these companies and our community succeed by working together to overcome these obstacles.







1: source: Oregon Employment Dept. Employment and Wages by Industry Summary Report 2022