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By Linda Cavalli Nelson REDI Board Director | Feb 22, 2019

In 2016 consulting giant McKinsey & Company gave agriculture the lowest “digitization index” of any industry surveyed. Social media is proving to be a game changer.

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By REDI Staff | Feb 5, 2019

Redmond's speculative inventory is rising.

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By REDI Staff | Jan 29, 2019

We don’t mean to brag, Really. But we’re #1 again!

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By by REDI Staff | Jan 17, 2019

Composite Approach, One of REDI’s recent projects, is now in full construction mode.

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By by REDI Staff | Jan 11, 2019

Consumer Cellular reaches a milestone $1 billion in revenue.

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By by REDI Staff | Jan 10, 2019

Mayor, George Endicott, shares what is in store for 2019 and Redmond's future. 

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By REDI Staff | | Dec 19, 2018

When the harvest is ready, and workers are few, businesses face the challenge of getting creative with their recruiting resources.  This blog article features one creative way to find local talent by promoting from within to leverage a limited workforce market.

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By REDI Staff | Oct 24, 2018

The Internship Progarm is expanding to Sisters and Prineville.

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By REDI Staff | Oct 18, 2018

As the agency that works day in and day out to draw new industry to our community, we cannot underestimate the value of strong schools. There are two main reasons for this: First, when we invest in our schools, we help to create a labor force that industry leaders are looking for as they consider whether to move their business to Redmond. Second, business owners are seeking communities where their children and the children of their staff can get a great education.

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By REDI Staff | Oct 16, 2018

REDI recently hosted its 6th Annual "Made In Redmond" Tour for a behind-the-scenes look into Redmond's manufacturing industry.

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