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Thank You, Barb Myers!

Thank You, Barb Myers!

For REDI, much of its “power” comes from the individuals that make up its Board of Directors. The REDI Board’s role is to set the framework in which REDI carries forth its mission to promote economic growth and well-being for Redmond’s citizens. One Board Member stands out among many who have served. Please meet Barb Myers. Barb served 18 years on the REDI Board and has now retired her role. To Barb, we say: “You can leave REDI, but REDI will never leave you.” Thank you, Barb, for the tremendous impact you make in Redmond and for solidifying the foundation on which REDI has been built.


First and Last Name: Barbara Myers
Company/Organization: Windermere Central Oregon Real Estate
Title or Position of Responsibility: Principal Broker
Super Power: Planner/Organizer

Q: How long have you served on the REDI Board? Why did you choose to be on the REDI Board?

Barb: 18 years. When I first got on the board REDI was at a crossroads. I believed in their mission and wanted to support an organization that I felt would help grow the economy and bring some economic stabilization to our community. REDI has grown and achieved a lot over those years.

Q: What matters most about the work REDI does?

Barb: What they bring to the table with their knowledge and expertise. REDI is a fabulous resource for companies. They know what is available, be it incentives, land, or a building and who to go to for specific issues and answers. If a project is stuck, REDI helps to get it back on track. All of this can save time and money for a company and allow them to make smart, informed, and timely decisions. REDI is also a great facilitator, helping to achieve consensus and a win-win outcome for all parties involved when needed. All of these tools are priceless in my opinion.

Q: What is your role on the REDI Board?

Barb: Well, I have had many roles! From being a committee chair to sitting on the Executive Board and serving as President for a term.

Q: What is your favorite REDI Event?/or Program?

Barb: Oh, there are some fabulous events, but I would have to say my favorite is probably the Made in Redmond Tour. I love that we feature our local companies, their stories & their history. It is great to see what they make, how they do it and what they think the future holds for their company. I find it most interesting to learn the “why” of how they picked Redmond. And, of course, there is always the free samples that we sometimes get!!

Q: .What is your favorite place to unwind in Redmond/Favorite Hangout?

Barb: Depending on the time and day, I love to meet up with a client or friend for coffee at the old Redmond Hotel, (now SCP) or at one of the great brew pubs or wine bars that we have. Always something new to taste and try!