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The Silver Lining Momentum in 2021

The Silver Lining Momentum in 2021

Did you know REDI has been celebrating its record year in 2020? Despite the pandemic, business recruiting and expansion efforts in Redmond are thriving in the traded sector. Jon Stark, Sr. Director of REDI notes:

 “We are so thrilled to have these entrepreneurial companies join our ever-growing community of traded sector businesses.  This collection of companies helps provide additional diversity in our industry mix, further insulating us from future economy shifts.” 

Ten new companies have decided to operate in Redmond. Here are five of them. Some are already here; others are in the process of planting here.

I3D Manufacturing
Creative enthusiasts will enjoy i3D (i3DMFG, Integrated 3D, LLC). The company was incorporated in 2014 with the goal of bringing advanced, cutting edge, new manufacturing technology and true skilled, family wage jobs to Central Oregon. i3D specializes in Additive Metal Printing where DMLS machines, using lasers and metal powders, “print” metal parts made of aluminum, titanium, inconel, steel, and custom metal powders. Serving industries in defense, energy, automotive, aerospace (UAV/UAS, spacecraft), its clients benefit from 3D production process expertise, accelerated speed to market, disruptive product development and reduced part weights. When asked about moving its operations to Redmond, i3D’s Erin Madrigal said: “i3D made the move to Redmond because it is a thriving and supportive business environment in which we are confident the i3D family will find a wonderful home.” Redmond in particular embraces the health and future of their community in collaborative and innovative ways. This matches i3D’s culture and goals.” Learn more at:

We’re The Wurst
For all the foodies in town, enjoy: The Wurst Sausage Ever. Redmond welcomes Chef Fidler, a fine sausage connoisseur, whose goal is to bring the Old World to your table. A few classes in culinary school, a small grinder, and a passion for European cuisine led to opening “We’re the Wurst”, a food cart vendor in Bend. Rather than expanding its operations into a brick-and-mortar restaurant, Fidler had a bigger idea in mind. – manufacturing. Today, We’re The Wurst caters, delivers, custom processes meats into sausages, provides custom USDA processing, and even provides wholesale distribution to local grocers. The menu boasts sausages galore including Kielbasa, British Banger, Italian Sausage, Knowckworst, Chorizo, Bratwurst and more. Redmond, we don’t have to wait until Oktoberfest any longer! Visit: for more details.

Rainier Precision
Tis the season to winterize your outdoor gear and storage spaces. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you may have gone to your local hardware or sporting goods store and reached for containers of a product called: “Dry-Z-Air” a popular de-humidifier that helps maintain woodwork and items in your home, boat, RV, garage, closet and/or storage shed. Moving beyond its Dry-Z-Air production, the company’s focus is to deliver Custom Plastic Injection molding services to customers across the US and Canada. Learn more at

Cognitive Surplus
Smarts meets the arts. Cognitive Surplus is an online marketplace of stationery and lifestyle goods to celebrate science and inspire discovery with a mindful respect for sustainability of the planet. You’ll find an array of notebooks, kitchen & bar items, bags, clothing, paper goods and now also offering a new line of museum prints. Different disciplines that may inspire you include: astronomy, botany, biology, geology, math, physics & engineering, and more. Discover more at

Redmond has entered the tech phenomenon. Turning online clicks into customers, Algofy is a provider of e-commerce solutions through lead generation, data visualization and content creation for your client outreach and business marketing strategies. Algofy analyzes data to streamline processes and interact with people. Results of this data analysis can give your business the information it needs to expand your audience activity through personal and customized reporting of customer behavior, advice on market entry, and Cross-channel results driving traffic to your social media ads, your Amazon page, and your website. Algofy hails from Spain and is new to the Central Oregon region. If you are a business who wants to grow its sales, gain new leads, and explore resources to thrive in the social media market, visit

There is a silver lining as we embark on a new year in 2021 and that is the rebound of economic development. REDI anticipates its continued momentum in business development and growth in the traded sector industry. Contact us to learn more about how REDI helps businesses grow and thrive.

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