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Opening Soon! Boulden-Rogen Early Childhood Academy

Opening Soon! Boulden-Rogen Early Childhood Academy

Redmond welcomes its newest addition to childcare: the Boulden-Rogen Early Childhood Academy. As Redmond grows in population, the need for quality childcare programs becomes more apparent.  We asked Heather Rogen, Owner/Director of the facility, about Redmond’s newest childcare solution; Baby Promise/Preschool Promise.

Name: Heather Rogen
Company/Organization: Boulden-Rogen Early Childhood Academy
Title or Position of Responsibility: Owner/Director
What is your Superpower: Ability to find a way…


Tell us about Baby Promise/Preschool Promise:

Baby Promise is a new tri-county program addressing the desperate need for quality childcare for infants and toddlers. Its purpose is to target and serve lower income families in communities struggling to provide high quality care. Infant and toddler programs require more staffing and costs more to administer due to expenses like diapers and formula. Baby Promise allows us the opportunity to serve eight more infants and eight more toddlers with high quality care in Redmond.

Preschool Promise is another great opportunity for children in our area, from ages three (as of September 1st each year) to five.  Preschool Promise is a publicly funded model allowing families who make up to 200% of the poverty level access to local, culturally relevant care and education Also, in our program we are hopeful when summer comes around, families will continue to have their children with us using employment related daycare assistance. We are excited to offer a team of three highly experienced staff for each classroom, providing individualized attention for each child.

What are a few challenges/opportunities that you have encountered with this new project?

Opportunities: I have had amazing support for opening the new school. The Early Learning HUB and Child Care Resources have been so supportive and full of insight. Without them, it would have been nearly impossible to open up this year with the obstacles/ hurdles the pandemic presented.

Also, the City of Redmond passed new zoning regulations which made the task of trying to find space to lease much easier. As it was, it took over ten months of searching to find an appropriate spot for the center.  I feel lucky to have the spot we have, as the owner has been so great to work with and has invested his own money and time into making sure the site is appropriate for early childcare. He understands the need and is investing in the community’s future.

Challenges: My background is Early Childhood and Parent Coaching, so the permits, regulations and planning parts have been the most difficult for me. I feel had we not had COVID issues, the face to face help you usually encounter would have helped my process immensely. I have worked with great people who have been very helpful, but the knowledge that I do not have in this area was a challenge for me.

Other challenges include not being able to open right away due to required changes in zoning and the improvements needed to accommodate the business in the chosen site. Its hard to recruit families and staff without having a set grand opening date.

We look forward to setting a date in mid-March 2021 for the first day with children as the remodel progresses. 

What does this mean for the Redmond community?

For families to have quality care in a location they can easily access, where they trust their children will be cared for and nurtured is huge for Redmond. Healthy families create a healthy community. For the local businesses, we hope that more families will take advantage of all the amazing local goods and services as they care for their families. Another perk is that children will have the opportunity to be “in” the community, playing at parks, and enjoying fieldtrips to local businesses like the library, and the police station.

How can the community contact you?




What can Redmond citizens do to help?

Spread the word. When COVID restrictions lift, come and volunteer, wave when you see us on a field trip!

I appreciate the opportunity to share the excitement of the center opening in the middle of a pandemic.  To have this opportunity to touch and reach local children and families is a dream for us.