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"Mooove" over Match, There's a New App In Town.

"Mooove" over Match, There's a New App In Town.

In 2016 consulting giant McKinsey & Company gave agriculture the lowest “digitization index” of any industry surveyed. In fact, Ag was considered so low-tech that it was grouped with hunting.

That was three years ago. Today, breeders are reimagining how social media can help them market their cattle with some “udderly” cool results.  Not even agriculture and livestock can “hide” from science and technology.  A recent Bulletin article shed some light on a new digital dating-style app for cows called Tudder.

Why would investors commit almost $4 million to a Tinder-like app for cattle?

  1. Digital presence increases the quantity, quality and accessibility of data.
  2. Social media is a clever means of gathering more valuable data.
  3. Platforms are powerful vehicles for gathering and monetizing data and controlling markets – leading to more data.
  4. Data is key to leveraging emerging artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technologies.
  5. Companies that successfully apply AI to their operations and business models will gain significant competitive advantage over companies that don’t.

Swipe right for yes, and read on.