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Making an Impact in Redmond with Local Youth

Making an Impact in Redmond with Local Youth

Central Oregon Native, Bre Wilkins, looks forward to working with young people in her new position as the Redmond Internship Coordinator for the Youth CareerConnect program (YCC).

“Working with young people and helping them find their unique paths has always been a passion of mine,” says Bre. “Because I grew up in Central Oregon, I was already familiar with many of the great resources students in the area have access to.”

Bre went through the Degree Partnership Program at COCC and OSU-Cascades. She said she is eager to work in her new role which will allow her to connect with students who are looking to access great opportunities with local businesses.  

The YCC provides internship opportunities to students from high school, college, and alternative organizations. The program provides real-world work experience from local employers. “Whether they are on a trade school path, college-bound, or getting ready to jump right into their career, internships provide valuable ‘real-world’ experience that simply can’t be simulated in a classroom setting,” says Bre.

Even if students are unsure or undecided of what path to take, internships provide students a great place to explore different opportunities that match skill sets and interests to help set them on a course for a future career.

Servicing the Redmond, Bend, Sisters and Jefferson County areas, Central Oregon’s three Internship Coordinators pair businesses and students together with career-relevant opportunities. Bre says the experience is valuable for both the students and businesses alike. “Students come into an internship without all the bad habits that seasoned employees tend to have,” she says. “Businesses can shape young people into diligent and skilled employees who are ready to enter the workforce.”

Bre points out in many instances once the internship is done, many students find long-term employment opportunities with the hosting company, which benefits both the students and the business.

Interested? Bre says her door is always open to talk with business about hosting internships, or potential candidates she knows will be well-suited to fill existing internship opportunities. “I am passionate about this work and excited to engage with our community in this role,” she says.

If you are interested in learning more about the Youth CareerConnect Program, contact Bre today by phone: 541-480-7046 or email: (