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If it Wasn't For REDI...

If it Wasn't For REDI...

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind-the-scenes to make a city like Redmond so livable? Many citizens have chosen Redmond because of its size, character, pace of life, and affordability. In this article we’ll re-introduce you to Redmond Economic Development, Inc. (REDI), who works tirelessly to help companies create jobs. We pose the question: “If it wasn’t for REDI…”

…Where would I work?

REDI advocates for Redmond’s traded sector companies (those whose majority of goods and/or services are exported outside the region, which imports wealth) and assists them, start to finish, in the business of relocation, expansion or start-up support. For example, a start-up company with only a few employees from Tualatin, OR. needed space to build modular clean rooms. REDI partnered with the Redmond Chamber of Commerce to suggest they relocate to an abandoned Walmart building in Redmond and BasX was born. BasX now employs over 100 central Oregonians and was Portland Business Journal’s fastest growing company in 2016. Another company, Medline ReNewal (formerly MediSISS), was once a single-digit employer refurbishing single-use medical devices in Sisters.  Since relocating, they are now one of Redmond’s top employers with over 240 workers. But REDI doesn’t just help large employers.  Their portfolio is dominated by small businesses that employ less than 50 workers such as Poltex, Riff Cold Brewed Coffee, Composite Approach, and Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods, just to name a few.  

…Where would I live?

It isn’t uncommon in the current economic climate to move to Central Oregon without having a job first. That might seem risky to some, however opportunities for employment in Central Oregon are abundant. Perhaps one of the companies mentioned above happens to be the place you found your dream job. REDI works closely with the City and other partners to track housing and make sure current and future employees of the companies we help can afford to live here. 

…Where would I play?

REDI helps business thrive in a place people work all year just to visit! Recreation and lifestyle are common reasons people want to live here. As REDI helps companies create jobs, the tax base increases, which results in additional funding for parks, roads, safety, and other essential services that the City provides.

…How would I thrive?

Redmond has a reputation of being the “Hub of Manufacturing” in Central Oregon. REDI focuses on traded sector industries such as manufacturing because retail and tourism-based companies are unable to sustain an economy on their own and because they offer living-wage jobs. Keep in mind, traded sector companies need not be large corporations in order to drive overall growth in the economy.

If it wasn’t for me, how would REDI survive?

REDI couldn’t do the important work they do without the financial support of investors and event sponsors. REDI is a non-profit (not charitable) that receives funding from public partners and financial contributions from private businesses and individuals. These funds support, in part, creation and implementation of an annually updated, three-year strategic action plan that sets the long-term vision and parameters for day-to-day operations.

The business development work REDI does is done with a lean and smart budget.  In 2008, REDI’s operating budget was $100,000 a year. Today, with public and private support, that figure has more than doubled in size – to $230,000 a year.

In the next 20 years, however, Redmond’s population is set to reach 50,000. In order to continue to help businesses, REDI is asking for your financial support. They are counting on current and new investment each year to help keep in line with increasing demand for their (free-to-clients) services.

Want to know more?  Join us at REDI News & Brews!

If you are interested in learning more about the clandestine work REDI does and supporting their efforts by becoming an investor, join them at News & Brews on March 11th.  To register, visit rediinfo.com/events. Hear the REDI story from the perspective of a company new to the Redmond community and get an update on current projects, presented by REDI Sr. Director Jon Stark.