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The De Leone Corporation: More than a Sticker Company

The De Leone Corporation: More than a Sticker Company

Redmond is well known in central Oregon as the “Hub” of many things; manufacturing being one of them. Like spokes on a wheel, Redmond has a diverse set of trades industries. Tucked away in an unassuming building next to the Bottle Drop on Lake Road, one of Redmond’s longest running manufacturers has a strong family history that still thrives today: The De Leone Corporation.

Fifty-one years ago, The De Leone Corporation’s founder, Samuel De Leone, began manufacturing pressure sensitive labels.  In layman’s terms, we call them “Stickers”. In 1980, Samuel moved his company from Santa Clara, CA to Central Oregon to escape the rapid growth and congestion in Silicon Valley. He worked with the Redmond Chamber to purchase property in Redmond and have been at their Lake Road facility since 1996. Today, its President, Theresa De Leone McGrath carries on her father’s tradition, legacy, and company vision.

The De Leone Corporation produces over 900 different standardized labels, SKU’s or “stock-keeping units” for shipping, handling, and hazardous labels. In addition, De Leone produces custom labels using flexographic and digital presses. Some of its notable local clients include Medline, Gompers Distillery, Red Plate Foods, Bendistillery, Blackstrap Industries and Metolius Tea.

These aren’t ordinary labels for the average user. The De Leone corporation sells only through authorized distributors which include shipping and packaging companies, office, and janitorial suppliers. These distributors range from small local businesses to large organizations with locations throughout the globe.  De Leone serves a broad spectrum of industries such as electronics, medical supply, shipping & logistics, movers, and manufacturing of all kinds.

In today’s current economic climate, Theresa notes a few factors have impacted its business. Acts of God (ice storms in Texas, hurricanes), the pandemic, labor strikes in Europe, and a few remaining mill closures in the US have affected supply changes in materials like adhesives, liners and the paper used to create labels. On the positive side, she also noted advances in technology and alternative materials that are now available create new opportunities for increased and more efficient production.

This lion’s company pride is its loyalty to its employees. Theresa tells us: “We have an amazing team of employees that believed in my father, his vision, and the business he built to help provide for them and their families. We have employees that have been with us 5, 10, 15, even up to 32 years.”

Even though The De Leone Corporation pre-dates REDI’s existence, it is important to know REDI is here to help bring a strong and diverse economic ecosystem to the Redmond community by recruiting and expanding traded sector industries. As Theresa sums it up: “REDI has been an invaluable resource to me as I made the transition from managing the business from California, to relocating to beautiful Central Oregon. They've connected me to key partners and advisors in the area, and a GREAT real estate agent when it came time to make the move.”  

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