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COVID-19 Coronavirus - Business Resource Kit

COVID-19 Coronavirus - Business Resource Kit

So much information has been posted surrounding the current events with COVID-19 Coronavirus. REDI has been working with an economic revitilazation team to brace for the economic impacts of this pandemic. We believe the strength of the character in Central Oregon is an undeniable resilience and steadfastness no matter what trials come in our direction, which is why REDI remains open for business. Check out the links below from our partners who are with us in this battle to overcome COVID - 19 and to provide Central Oregon businesses a pathway to navigate through this difficult and challenging time.  As always, call the office number 541.923.5223 for more information.


Roger Lee, CEO of Economic Development for Central Oregon weighs in on COVID-19 and provides a business resource guide here. We shared his letter to the central oregon business community and EDCO Family below.

Eric Sande, Excutive Driector of the Redmond Chamber & CVB created a page with a broad set of resources to assist businesses and community members with information and support here.


EDCO Extended Family: 

These are indeed interesting times in which we live. 

With daily changes and measures designed to slow the COVID-19 virus spread across our nation, state and region, we are seeing current and future waves of impact roll across our economy. EDCO wants to you to know that we are currently taking all measures necessary, with the most current information available, to prioritize the health and well-being of our staff and clients. Each member of our staff has the ability to work remotely so that we may provide services uninterrupted. We also continue to remain focused on the health of our local and regional economy, which is being severely impacted. We want to assure you – our partners, members, sponsors, vendors and volunteers – that we’re 100% committed to this important work throughout whatever period of time required for “normalcy” to return. 

As such, we will continue to do everything possible, using all available tools, to keep our region thriving economically. Until this is behind us, we will be using technology to help augment our face-to-face meetings with the region’s traded-sector businesses, members, prospective student interns. Additionally, we are working to shift our events to a virtual platform while keeping the same high-quality production and outstanding content from our speakers. And where in-person interaction is simply irreplaceable (i.e. some of our largest events), we will look to reschedule. 

While this particular shock to our economy is new and extremely impactful, it will pass. We’re looking at this period as a rare, forced opportunity to improve, adapt and learn. We encourage impacted businesses to re-evaluate options around inventory, supply-chain, cash flow management, accounts payable and receivable, insurance, use of technology, and staffing. To that end, we’ve created a Business Guide here with some ideas and resources to consider. One of the most inspiring aspects of working in economic development is the opportunity to see on a daily basis the creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and perseverance deployed by businesses and the people behind them.

It’s worth noting that we have a number of reports from our local manufacturing and tech companies of record sales and production even amidst the chaos, temporary business closures, layoffs, general uncertainty, and runs on toilet paper. 

It will not be easy, but we will together, forge a path forward through this latest challenge while doing our part in protecting public health.  

As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions and partnership.



Roger Lee,
CEO, Economic Development for Central Oregon