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Bridging the Future: Bridge Masters, Inc.

Bridging the Future: Bridge Masters, Inc.

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. In the case of Bridge Masters, Inc., this statement holds true.

Formed in 1992 by the original BridgeWalker inventor Ralph Langston, Bridge Masters sought to find solutions for contractors and companies who needed to do maintenance and other jobs under bridges. 

Attracted by the uniqueness of the Bridge Walker machines, Allan Herauf bought the company in 2002 and soon after the purchase, moved the company to Bend, Oregon where he focused on expanding the business and creating more uses for the BridgeWalkers. Through highs and lows, recessions, and more, the business stayed alive and in 2015 his son, Jeremy purchased the company from his father. “I was as confident as ever that I could continue what Ralph and my dad started,” he said.

Today Bridge Masters, Inc. operates three companies within the bridge infrastructure industry including Bridge Masters, Inc., Bridge Masters Rentals, and Titan Manufacturing. Their customers range from the Federal Government to private ownerships, currently covering all of North America. 

“We have a specialty construction service which installs, maintains, repairs, designs and inspects utilities on bridges,” said Jeremy. “We service all utilities including, water, sewer, gas, electric and telecommunications.”

Bridge Masters Rentals is an equipment rental company which specializes in Under Bridge Inspection Units (UBITS). Jeremy says his company has one of the most diverse fleets in North America with multiple locations in the United States. The company started with the patented BridgeWalker machines and over the years it has added other manufacturer’s equipment to help diversify their fleet, products, and services.

Titan Manufacturing designs, engineers, and builds its own version of the UBIT called the BridgeWalker. “They are currently focusing on two versions of the brand, the Type I, a small self-propelled unit and the Type II, a trailer mounted unit,” said Jeremy.

So why move to Redmond? Jeremy said the city is well suited to fit their needs. “Not only do they provide education in the fields in which we operate (manufacturing, welding, mechanic), it is in close proximity to many of our vendor needs,” he said. “It is a short drive to the Crooked River Bridge in Terrebonne which we use on a consistent basis for training and maintenance of our Under Bridge equipment.”

Making the move to Redmond, Redmond Economic Development Inc. stepped in to help the company in a variety of ways including the negotiation of the land sale with the City of Redmond, options to take advantage of the Enterprise Zone, and reducing the soft cost of development. 

“Negotiating this transaction during the heart of COVID was difficult because we were all in a dynamic situation,” Jeremy said. “(REDI) really helped bridge the gap between Bridge Masters and the City of Redmond, especially helping them understand our companies.”

The future looks bright for Bridge Masters, Inc. Jeremy says he continues to see more opportunities going forward and would like to continue to expand on the company’s products and services. 

“We are here to show that the BridgeWalker brand is a reliable, safe and efficient way of getting the access they require to keep the infrastructure industry moving forward,” he said. “Our strategy is to have multiple US and Canada locations and get these units within reach to the customers that need them.”           

REDI is excited to welcome Bridge Masters, Inc. to the Redmond Community. To learn more about the work we do, visit