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9th Annual Made In Redmond Tour

9th Annual Made In Redmond Tour


Did you know…

… you can print 3D images with metal particles for use in outer space?

… there is outdoor gear made for worn skin and aching muscles?

… portable silence is crafted and used by popular singers and songwriters across the globe?

All these and more are manufactured and traded here in Redmond. Have you ever driven by industrial buildings in Redmond and wondered what takes place inside? Continue reading to find out.

Each year on the first Friday in October, cities across the nation celebrate National Manufacturing Day. REDI recently held its 9th annual Made in Redmond Tour on October 1, 2021.

This year’s tour was presented by emcees, Lauren Biskind and Matt McDonald Co-Anchors of Central Oregon Daily News’s Good Morning Central Oregon.  Today’s manufacturing combines innovation and technology with hands-on skills to create products of every kind from building materials, aircraft parts, skin care, textiles, and even favorite food and beverages. Thanks to technology and the teamwork of REDI’s partners and sponsors, the tour included three local traded sector companies that make unique world-class products right here in Redmond.

i3D Manufacturing: With 25 years of experience in marketing and product development, and business sales, CEO & Founder Erin Stone incorporated i3D manufacturing in 2014. i3D specializes in Additive Metal Manufacturing where DMLS machines, using lasers and metal powders, “print” metal parts. i3D manufactures in 17 different metals including copper, titanium, steel, aluminum and super nickel alloys. Some of these parts made in Redmond are currently used in outer space. Additive Manufacturing is a national focus because it offers design optimization that traditional machining cannot. It allows industry to create truly disruptive new or improved product.

Rhino Skin Solutions: Rhino Skin Solutions provide topical performance and recovery solutions for skin, muscles and joints. Husband-and-wife team and rock-climbing enthusiasts Justin and Andi Brown used their combined skills, He, a chef, She, a pharmacist, to create natural and plant-based products to help climbers perform better. Their full line of products include: antiperspirants, hydrating sprays, and massage creams. Even if you aren’t a climber, you’ll find its flagship repair cream works for everyone’s skin everywhere. Drawn to the proximity of Smith Rock, Justin and his wife, Andi made the decision to move their operations to Redmond.

VocalBooth: Believe it or not, “quiet” is a sound too. VocalBooth™ manufactures state-of-the-art portable vocal booths and sound isolation enclosures for the professional and home recording studio and more. Singer songwriter Calvin Mann needed isolation for his recordings and created his own modular sound room without wrecking the walls in his rented apartment. Before 1997, Central Oregon lacked this sound technology. Today, Calvin and his team at. VocalBooth™ manufacture the sound of silence by creating modular isolation rooms for music and other applications such as medical, law enforcement, government, and education.

According to Oregon Employment Department for the Central Oregon region, current trends for Manufacturing in Redmond, OR:

  • 1,510 total manufacturing jobs in Redmond (2020)
  • 28% of Deschutes County’s Manufacturing jobs are in Redmond
  • 84% wage growth in manufacturing from 2010-2020
  • 80% expanded employment (2010-2020)

While these numbers represent a prosperous industry in a pre-pandemic economy, innovative thinking solves problems and turns ideas into thriving businesses.

REDI hosts this tour each year to remind its community of the importance of helping local businesses build and expand operations as well as bring new traded sector companies to operate their businesses in Redmond. With the region supporting manufacturing, these businesses are creating jobs for residents, contributing to the city tax base, and offering products from local businesses. This results in a thriving and prosperous business climate.

REDI was able to present this tour using an extraordinary in person and online platform. Watch the entire 9th Annual Made in Redmond Tour on the REDI YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/RediinfoREDI