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6th Annual Made In Redmond Tour

6th Annual Made In Redmond Tour

REDI recently hosted its 6th Annual "Made In Redmond" Tour. Through this popular event, we are able to showcase companies that contribute to Redmond's healthy economy. Below are the companies we toured for a behind-the-scenes look into Redmond's diverse manufacturing industry. The Redmond Spokesman's Geoff Folsom recaps the journey in this featured article about the Made In Redmond Tour. 

Cascade Lakes Brewing, Co.

Founded in 1994, Cascade Lakes Brewing Company began as a small-scale brewing facility in an airport industrial zone in Redmond, Oregon. Fast forward 24 years, operations have expanded to include two restaurants in Central Oregon to satisfy the area’s thirst for craft beers. They include Seventh Street Brew House, located in Redmond, and our flagship restaurant in Bend, Cascade Lakes Lodge. Cascade Lakes uses a 25-barrel JV Northwest brewing system in a completely modernized facility for all of its hand-crafted ales.  We currently bottle and can 10 different beers on-site and have a wide range of specialty brews on draft.  Our distribution includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California and Alaska. Visit on the web at http://cascadelakes.com

HD Hydrographics

Established in 2010, High Definition Hydrographics specializes in Hydrographics, Water Transfer Printing and Camo Dipping.

Through water transfer printing methods, any surface such as glass, plastic, and metal can be transformed in almost any color or pattern using a hydro-dipping process.

HD Hydrographics also is home to North West Ceramic Coatings specializing in high performance firearms coatings. Using a robotic spray platform, custom spray patterns are created with Cerakote layers in many colors and patterns. Cerakote is a patented coating material that protects surfaces from corrosion, and abrasion with self-lubricating properties incorporated within the coatings matrix. Cerakote coatings are specifically designed for firearms, exhaust systems, pistons and high wear applications. Visit https://www.hdhydro.com/


Riff is Paul Evers, co-founder of Crux Fermentation Project; Nate Armbrust, former head of product development and cold brew operations at Stumptown; Steve Barham, former senior director at LinkedIn; and Bobby Evers and Kevin Smyth, both with deep experience in craft beer branding and operations. And Riff is so much more— an enthusiastic and diverse tribe of investors, employees, partners, and you. 

When we riff on an idea, we start with a question: What if? What if we brewed coffee cold, for a sweeter, smoother flavor? What if we poured it on tap? Into a glass, not a mug? What if we met for coffee in the evening? With friends, and maybe—gasp—without wifi? What if it weren’t sacrilegious to drink our coffee decaffeinated, spiced, fruited, or even barrel fermented with wild yeast? Now we’re talking. Let’s Riff! For more information visit https://www.riffcoldbrewed.com/


Headquartered in beautiful Central Oregon, BasX was co-founded by CEO Dave Benson and President Matthew Tobolski, PhD, SE with a business philosophy founded on: People, Product, Pride and Perserverance. Basx is derived from the concept of "Back to the Basics" with principals remaining true to their core values and the fundamental aspects of product development, design and manufacturing.

BASX Solutions is an industry leader in the manufacturing of high efficiency data center cooling solutions, cleanroom systems, custom HVAC systems and modular solutions. For the past 40 years, the BASX leadership team has been recognized as leaders in the development of industry-changing innovation and are widely recognized for changing the way fans are applied in modern air handling systems. Visit https://www.basxsolutions.com/ for more.